Welcome to WM6 Themes

Providing free customized Windows Mobile themes and skins for you. Just upload an image and we’ll make you a theme. Themes on this site are tested for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 however should also work on earlier versions.

You can access all currently available themes from the categories on the right. There isn’t much there are the moment so please submit a picture for conversion.

Have you got some photos/images that you love and would like to use as a theme on your Windows Mobile device but aren’t sure how to go about creating it? Well, this website is for you. Simply fill out the form here including the image you would like converted and we will create a personalised theme for you. Please note however that the theme will also be posted on this site for other people to download if they like them so bear that in mind.

Themes are generally being created within 24 hours at the moment. NOTE: There is currently a backlog of themes requests which we are in the process of completing so please be patient.

There have been several questions from users of smartphones regarding the themes, stating that they only get the colour scheme and not the background. This is because the phone runs at a different resolution to phones which the themes have been created for. We are working on an alternative for this at the moment however this is a complex process. Currently themes are created for QVGA devices (such as the HTC Trinity).

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